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Introducing Rx

By June 30, 2022September 13th, 2022Article began with a focus on improving privacy and financial savings for military families. Our premise was quite simple: empower individuals with a login that allowed them to prove their verified military status across websites.’s user centric approach won recognition from the White House and the federal agency responsible for setting privacy requirements for agencies. changes the online experience for consumers and organizations in important ways:

  • For Consumers: eliminates the need to create and manage multiple passwords and to re-verify ID cards across websites as the login and the data moves with you.
  • For Organizations: they can provide a defined benefit to a user and ask that user to share data with them through consent instead of tracking users through cookies.

Today, we are adding a new service: Rx. This service allows individuals who choose to create an Rx account to save up to $95 per prescription rather than buying the drug at retail or higher co-pay prices. Additionally, Rx enables people to search for these savings at pharmacies across the country so they can save while at home and traveling.

An academic study from Harvard showed that persons with prescription co-pays of $40 to $50 were 3.4 times more likely to abandon that prescription purchase and persons with prescriptions co-pays over $50 were 4.7 times more likely to abandon the purchase. Half of all drugs covered by Medicare had prices that increased faster than the rate of inflation. Rx helps increase prescription price transparency and price savings. As drug prices can vary across pharmacies and plans, our goal is to empower consumers to navigate the marketplace more efficiently. Given the relationship of drug prices to inflation and prescription abandonment, we believe it is more important than ever to equip consumers with more price transparency and choice.

In line with’s privacy bill of rights, users must provide consent to the use of their information prior to participating in Rx. does not currently plan on storing drug specific data related to a user. If chooses to allow individuals to store their drug prescriptions with in the future, then will make this available as an “opt-in” choice where users are by default “opted out.”’s goal is to put users in control of the experience.

Users of Rx must be 18 years old or older. Any savings obtained through the Rx program cannot be combined with insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and/or other discounts in a single transaction. Rx is a prescription savings program, not an insurance plan or insurance substitute. The Rx Card is free. The Rx program provides access to savings at US participating pharmacies only, to save up to $95 per prescription, and it is not valid where otherwise prohibited by law. The Rx program is not intended to provide medical advice. All use is subject to the Rx Terms of Service. does not collect or retain data subject to HIPAA. Rx users can cancel their Rx account at any time by clicking here. For more information or, to find included prescriptions and participating pharmacies (all subject to change), visit or call (855) 937-2595 to speak with the plan administrator support.

Blake Hall

Blake Hall

Blake Hall is the founder and CEO of, the leading secure digital identity network. An expert on consumer data privacy and the evolving digital identity landscape, Hall established to simplify how individuals securely prove and share their identity online.