If You’re Ready for CCPA, Say “I” (Said No One)


Looking to verify the identities of DSAR requesters? If you aren’t, you should. Come January 1, 2020, businesses are going to be required by law to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Whether you are a privacy rights management solution looking for an identity verification tool to plug into your workflow or just a company looking to comply with CCPA, ID.me is the highest accredited credential service provider for identity verification.

Protect Your Users’ Data. Protect Yourself.

Be sure you aren’t sharing Personal Identifiable Information with the wrong person. And no, you aren’t off the hook just because your business isn’t located in California. Data breaches and unverified data sharing can result in lawsuits for 500K+ businesses spanning the entire US. By putting an identity verification process in place, you will comply with CCPA and do right by your customers and contacts.

Does CCPA Apply to My Business? Let’s Find Out.

  • Do you gross more than $25M in revenue?
  • Do you store personal data of 50K+ consumers that are California residents?
  • Is half your annual revenue generated by selling consumer data?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, let’s talk. Face it though, even if you don’t need to comply now you will very soon in this GDPR and (now) CCPA world we are living in. You might as well get set now.

Don’t Ruin Your Customer Experience

Our modern, user-friendly workflow enables your organization to verify identities quickly and seamlessly. Four million Californians already have ID.me accounts. So, all they would have to do is log in when submitting a DSAR request. When you get their request, you will have confidence that you are only sharing data with the verified individual.

Check Us Out

We have the most secure portable identity verification credential in the game. Because, ID.me is NIST 800-63-3 certified and we meet IAL2 / AAL2 identity proofing and authentication standards to comply with laws at state and federal levels. Our interoperable login means it’s easy to use anywhere ID.me is integrated as the identity verification step – all you do is log in once you’re verified. Just click the button! Our flexible platform fits into any digital workflow and we customize it for your existing process.

For a more technical view, visit our Identity Verification for CCPA page.