Thank a Nurse by Creating Affinity Group Discounts Exclusively for Them

It’s National Nurses Week, and there are 4 million reasons to celebrate it! is joining numerous others across the country May 6 – 12 to raise awareness of the value of nursing and help educate the public about the role nurses play in meeting Americans’ healthcare needs. Nursing is more of a calling than an occupation. The nation’s 4 million registered nurses are on the “front lines” of healthcare, offering highly skilled medical care and comfort to patients and their families.

As’s Melissa Blanken recently shared, “Companies can show appreciation for nurses and their invaluable work with exclusive discounts for specific targeted groups within the nursing community, such as registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and others.”

Here are a few reasons why your organization should consider expanding its user base by providing nurses with special offers and discounts.

  • Registered nurses in the United States constitute our nation’s largest healthcare profession.
  • More qualified registered nurses will be needed in the future to meet the increasingly complex needs of healthcare consumers in this community.
  • Nurse professionals represent a large group of educated, active, and involved influencers that drive purchase decisions.

As the American Nurses Association points out, the demand for registered nurses will be even greater as the U.S. population ages and there is continuing expansion of life-sustaining technologies. can help companies create a customer base of loyal nurses. Through our new group verification product for nurses – announced in time for #NursesWeek – we can check information supplied by nurses against multiple authoritative databases to determine customer eligibility for nurse discounts. And, for ease of use and a frictionless experience, we have created a digital identity network where users verify their identity once and never have to do so again. Once a customer verifies as a nurse once, they can return to make additional purchases with only 2 clicks.

Show oappreciation for nurses with special offers and begin building a new set of customers who will be loyal to your brand. Once your nurse offers are created, can help tap into the network to share the news through social media and email.

Today’s the day to #ThankANurse!