5 Best Practices for Unlocking Value From Your Exclusive Offers


Even the deepest group discounts can flop if shoppers don’t know about them. To reach new audiences, build brand loyalty, and grow their brands with exclusive group offers, retailers need to spread the word about their discounts to the people most likely to use them. 

Best Practices for Marketing Your Group Offer

Retailers can optimize their group discount marketing strategy with several best practices. 

1) Align Group Discounts with Seasonal Campaigns

Incorporate your group discounts into seasonal or holiday marketing campaigns. For example, promote your student discounts during back-to-school, teacher discounts during Teacher Appreciation Week, and military discounts during Veterans Day.

2) Keep Your Exclusive Offers Exclusive

Ensure that your exclusive discount reaches the right audience.

Gating your group offer with an identity verification solution empowers you to acquire new customers in invaluable segments while keeping fraudulent resellers at bay.

3) Increase the Strength of Your Promotion

Shoppers are more likely to redeem a group discount and convert if the promotion feels worthwhile or urgent. Increase evergreen promotions to coincide with major holidays or run limited-time promotions to increase your discount’s strength and appeal.

4) Leverage All Marketing Channels

It can take multiple touch points to educate customers about a deal and convince them to convert. Advertise your group promotion through multiple channels such as internal subscription lists, social media, and affiliate networks to ensure maximum visibility and reach.

5) Tailor Your Discounts to Your Product

Craft a discount program that will entice customers to choose your specific product. For example, luxury brands offering a limited time 20% off discount may see increased results as customers jump on a deal to purchase items they don’t often buy.

Success Story: How Moosejaw Realized an 5.4x ROI on Its Group Discount Programs

Moosejaw Mountaineering is an online and brick-and-mortar outdoor apparel and recreation company specializing in gear for hiking, camping, rock climbing, and snowboarding. In early 2017, Walmart acquired Moosejaw for $51 million. 

The retailer launched several exclusive discounts to “better serve the military, first responder, and student markets,” said Dan Pingree, VP of Marketing at Moosejaw. They partnered with ID.me to verify customer eligibility for its discount programs.

Moosejaw tapped into ID.me’s network of 14 million shoppers to deliver its exclusive offers directly to the shoppers they wished to serve. The retailer leveraged marketing placements in ID.me’s member newsletter to promote their military discount during Veterans Day, a popular shopping event for the military community. It also increased its evergreen military discount throughout Veterans Day to drive sales.

According to an ID.me case study: 

  • The volume of shoppers claiming Moosejaw’s military deal increased by 160%. 
  • Shoppers that used a Moosejaw military discount spent on average 43% more than customers who didn’t. 
  • Moosejaw earned a 5.4X return on their marketing investment.

The message is clear: marketing its military discount enticed more customers to shop at Moosejaw. 

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