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The Ridge

By September 27, 2021September 29th, 2022Case Study


The Ridge Pulls’s Marketing Levers to Directly Connect with Engaged Audiences

The Ridge Wallet was launched by father-son team, Daniel and Paul Kane, on Kickstarter in 2013. It now sits in the front pockets of over two million men and women worldwide. Since then, the two have recruited a small, close-knit team to execute on their vision of creating quality, functional products.

In January 2020, The Ridge began collaborating with because they were intrigued by the possibilities of leveraging’s marketing channels, in addition to using’s group verification technology.


The Ridge already offered special group discounts prior to partnering with, but they executed them through a manual and clunky process. Leveraging’s group verification technology was a no-brainer because it offered a seamless plugin for their Shopify store, and allowed them to instantly and effortlessly automate their group discount distribution strategy.

But what The Ridge CMO Connor MacDonald was most intrigued by was the ability to tap into as a marketing channel to directly connect with an engaged audience. They are constantly testing new channels when it comes to online advertising, so they already knew the benefits of placing native ads directly in front of the right consumers in email newsletters.

The Ridge ended up investing in’s group verification and paid placements because “the identification process is the most foolproof. It’s a very reputable platform that already had a relationship with all these people and we could trust the process. We liked that there were marketing levers to pull to actually reach those people. is a distribution channel for us.” Not only did’s variety of placement options appeal to them—but they also liked the seasonal and balanced approach to the frequency they could communicate with customers. This way, they can promote their products during the moments they know their customers have a higher buying intent.

The identification process seems like the most foolproof. We like how this very reputable platform had a relationship with all these people and we could trust that process ... We also like that there were some levers to pull for us to actually be able to reach those people. So it's like a distribution channel for us.


After launching group verification, The Ridge saw an explosive 800% increase in verifications and users in their first year alone.

Their paid placements paid off too. The Ridge sees over 2x ROI from their placement in the’s multi merchant emails—placing in the top 3 performing newsletters that they currently buy into.

In fact, it was their highest performing paid advertising campaign this year for Father’s Day—a holiday which is known to be one of their biggest sales opportunities of the year. Additionally, they know they can rely on’s marketing placements as traditional channels have become more expensive and less reliable.

So what’s next for the Ridge and

Connor wants “to be everywhere [they] can be on” which means taking advantage of all of’s placement opportunities beyond the email newsletters, like growing their affiliate business and seeking homepage placements. “What excites me about is … there’s so much room for us to expand … At certain times of the year, wanting to be wherever our customers are … is like a whole little ad ecosystem where we can do that.”

What excites me about is ... there's so much room for us to expand ... At certain times of the year, wanting to be wherever our customers are ... is like a whole little ad ecosystem where we can do that.

About the Shop verifies customer identity and group affiliation to help companies offer exclusive promotions to specific customer segments. has partnered with hundreds of businesses for their group discount programs. The Shop is a central hub where companies can promote their offers and customers can explore the latest discounts, including exclusive deals for select groups.

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