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Why fitness brand TRX® selected to increase brand awareness and grow incremental revenue

By April 30, 2021September 13th, 2022Case Study

Why fitness brand TRX® selected to increase brand awareness and grow
incremental revenue

Women working out with TRX Training tools

The COVID pandemic changed the market dynamics for functional training company TRX. With gyms shutting down and more people buying exercise equipment for home use, TRX needed to build brand awareness directly with consumers.

“We need every opportunity we can get to be in front of audiences that haven’t used TRX or haven’t even heard of us,” explains Kristina Smith, TRX’s Senior Director of Digital Marketing.

Specifically, TRX wanted to strengthen connections with members of the military, veterans, and first responders. Like, TRX has a military history. The first TRX Suspension Trainer™ was developed when the company’s founder was on deployment as a Navy SEAL squadron commander. In 2020, TRX announced TRX Elite™, a new arm for the brand’s commercial business, focused on government, military, law enforcement and first responders. As part of this initiative, TRX wanted to offer special pricing to honor members of these groups.

Working with allowed TRX to launch their discount program earlier than expected and prepare for future growth. “This is a small team with a big revenue goal,” Kristina says, “I don’t know how that team would meet our goals without technology to help us scale.”

TRX knew the DIY approach would be manual and time-intensive

TRX initially planned to build individual partnerships with numerous associations and professional groups. But according to Kristina, “That approach might be able to bring a couple thousand people to TRX, but I wanted a couple hundred thousand people, a couple million people.”

Once they found the right audience, TRX also wanted to stand out among the many brands competing for buyers’ attention. “We need to break through the clutter people get from every other brand during the course of the day,” says Kristina. “I’m not just thinking about exercise equipment, I’m thinking about share of wallet. If someone is going to spend $100, I want TRX to be the next $100.”

Kristina also worried that when buyers requested a discount, verifying their identities and confirming their group membership would require tedious, manual checks. Based on her prior experience with retail loyalty programs she knew a manual verification process could be challenging, with people showing paystubs and business cards. offered TRX a built-in audience and proactive marketing services

Kristina was familiar with’s close connection with the military and advanced verification capabilities from her previous work with an partner.

For Kristina it felt “like a slam dunk”. Compared with traditional affinity programs, which Kristina says, “are all about the brand pushing their offers out to people,” she liked the approach because, “This is more pull. It’s about the audience searching and the brand getting found.”

Kristina and her team selected because of the built-in audience of military, veterans and first responders and because, unlike other marketplaces, offers marketing services to help brands be proactive. “We didn’t want a program that was ‘set it and forget it,” explains Kristina. “We wanted the ability to pull different marketing levers like sending emails, doing social media, and hero banners at key moments during the year when there’s a sale or a holiday to break through the clutter. Shockingly, competitors didn’t offer that capability.”

TRX initially launched on the marketplace in March 2021 with 20% discounts for military and first responders. They expect to promote offers for more groups over time, including custom offers in partnership with gyms.

During the implementation, integrated into TRX’s web check-out process and with TRX’s legacy ecommerce system, BigCommerce. Kristina notes that “the integration of a new technology on top of an old technology required some workarounds” which was able to handle.

“ demonstrated a real partnership to us,” says Kristina. “They were a pleasure to work with and always a positive force in the process.”

What’s next for TRX and

Kristina predicts growth in new customers will yield incremental revenue for TRX. “While we’ve only been live for two months, early data indicates that people who wouldn’t have otherwise shopped with TRX are now shopping with us.”

She also anticipates an expansion of the brand’s opt-in database, as a result of new people coming to its website and signing up for the TRX newsletter. “Because of, not only are they going to purchase, but they’re going to sign up for the emails as well. That’s the hope and dream.”

“The sky is the limit,” says Kristina.

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