Compliance struggles and more legislation — privacy and data predictions for 2020

(Originally published on Dec. 20, 2019 by Ian Barker at BetaNews)

With the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) set to come into force in January, privacy and how companies use data is set to be one of the big themes of 2020. What do some of the industry’s leading figures think this will mean?

Peter Reinhardt, CEO and co-founder of Segment believes, “Though the GDPR roll-out should have given American companies a good taste of what was to come, it’s still likely that most will do the bare minimum to comply with the CCPA until the US government starts enforcing it in 2020.

“When it does, and companies begin to see that the bill has real teeth, we’ll see a mad dash for companies to become compliant. In the rush, many companies will trip over their shoelaces and make inevitable mistakes, just as we saw with the GDPR.”

Blake Hall, CEO and founder of ID.me thinks the California legislation will pave the way for the rest of the US, “Passed in June 2018 and set to go live in 2020, the landmark California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will likely expand across the country as the federal government will work to pass legislation for the country to have one, unified set of rules. The CCPA will heavily inform this national privacy framework ensuring that all states have the same data security compliance requirements for organizations. Additionally, many companies will proactively choose to implement CCPA nationally, which is already starting to happen with companies like Microsoft, for example.

“Comparable to Europe’s GDPR, these laws could have major repercussions on US companies that don’t adhere to new data privacy standards. This January, the new data law will go into effect, severely impacting tech giants and major US businesses through changes of privacy regulations. However, these laws will empower Americans to protect their identity data and have more control over what information companies can have.”

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