A Beginner’s Guide to the ID.me Marketing Platform

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ID.me isn’t just an identity verification solution–we’re a network of 22+ million shoppers seeking exclusive offers and services online. Retailers who join our network get access to those consumers via our marketing channels, empowering them to promote their group discounts, acquire new customers, and grow their brands.

Here’s the lowdown on ID.me’s marketing platform and why our 400+ partners choose to market their discounts with us again and again.

22 Million Reasons to Join Our Network

A marketing platform is only as strong as its audience. The ID.me network of shoppers has 22+ million military veterans, college students, teachers, first responders, and more who actively use group discounts.

Customers join ID.me because we make claiming group discounts online convenient and fast. Once a customer makes an ID.me account and verifies their group status once, they never have to verify again at any website where ID.me is accepted. They simply click the ID.me button to instantly apply their group discount to their shopping cart.

Skipping the hassle of repeat verification encourages customers to discover new brands, complete purchases, and remain loyal throughout the year. According to ID.me data:

  • ID.me members have a 37% 12-month repeat purchase rate vs. a 15-25% industry average
  • 60% of customers who claim ID.me-powered discounts are already ID.me members
  • 93% of ID.me’s military shoppers and 97% of our student shoppers will try a new brand if it offers them an ID.me discount

Power Your Discounts
with a Complete Marketing Mix

One of the rules of affinity group discount programs (like really anything else in marketing) is that they rarely get results without being properly promoted. ID.me’s complete set of marketing channels enables brands to gain instant exposure for their exclusive group offers. Our marketing packages generate an average 3,754 clicks and a 6.68% sales conversion rate.

How do we achieve those numbers? Let’s break it down.

Email Newsletters

Whoever said that email marketing was dead? ID.me’s email list includes millions of subscribers, many of whom are pre-verified with an affinity group. Our newsletters boast a 9-18% open rate and a 1.5-4% clickthrough rate.

Our partners leverage our email marketing program in 3 ways:
  1. Regularly reach specific audiences through our targeted email campaigns for verified military, student, first responder, teacher, and government shoppers
  2. Stand out with a dedicated email showcasing your special offer to a group
  3. Promote discounts through a general newsletter rounding up ID.me’s best and most recent offers

Social Media & Blog

No marketing platform is complete without social media channels that reach customers where they hang out online. Retailers spread the word about their discounts using our Facebook or Instagram ads. We share military news and discounts on Supporting Our Veterans, a military Facebook community with 2.6 million followers. We also advertise military offers on the SITREP, an ID.me blog containing resources and discounts for the military community.

Not interested in the military? ID.me also uses custom audiences to promote ads and retarget shoppers in the student, teacher, and first responder communities.

ID.me Shop

We put your offers right in front of our network in one easy-to-google spot. ID.me Shop is an ecommerce marketplace showcasing ID.me-powered discounts, as well as deals from our affiliate partners. Members can search for discounts at their favorite brands, filter deals by group affiliation, or browse by shopping category to find the best deals for the items they’re looking for.

Our shop receives 1 million monthly page views and regularly ranks in the top 10 organic search results for discount-related keywords. Shoppers who haven’t created an ID.me account can browse our available discounts with ease. ID.me Shop receives 250-400,000 visits a month, and it has a 10% sign up conversion rate.

Seasonal Marketing Events for Every Affinity Group

Every marketer understands the importance of offering juicy discounts during big shopping events, but you don’t have to wait until back-to-school or the winter holidays. Our seasonal events offer brands an opportunity to promote their group discounts to the ID.me network during holidays relevant to our affinity groups. Participating retailers receive exclusive placements in seasonal emails, ads, and ID.me Shop landing pages that drive shoppers straight to their offers.

ID.me hosts several events throughout the year:

  • Teacher Appreciation Day
  • Nurse Appreciation Week
  • National EMS Week
  • Military Appreciation Week / Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Back-to-School
  • Veterans Day
  • Cyber Week
  • Winter Holidays
Retailers see huge returns when they promote their group offers during flag holidays. For example, our partners saw an average 2,469% ROI on ID.me marketing during Veterans Day 2019.

The ID.me Impact

Add up our network, marketing channels, and seasonal events, and what do retailers get?

  • 3-8x increased traffic to their group offers, up to 15x with best practices
  • 2-5x increase in verifications, up to 10x with best practices
  • Up to 300% ROI

It’s a recipe for success that keeps growing. Our network gains an average 30,000 new members every single day. Want in?

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Blake Hall

Blake Hall

Blake Hall is the co-founder and CEO of ID.me, the industry leader in secure online identification verification. An expert on consumer data privacy and the evolving digital identity landscape, Hall established ID.me to simplify how individuals securely prove and share their identity online.