Simple, Secure & Portable Citizen Access to Government Services meets the highest federal standards for online identity proofing and authentication, and is already trusted by 27 U.S. states and several federal agencies.

There are many reasons Federal, State and Local government entities continue to partner with to verify citizen identities, including:

  •’s Identity Gateway is certified against NIST 800-63-3 IAL2 / AAL2 and has received a FedRAMP Moderate ATO.
  • Only certified vendor with a Supervised Remote capability that enables all legitimate users to verify online and keeps citizen pass rates at 87-93%, while blocking ‘bad actor’ fraud attempts.
  • Offers a solution that is 10-16 times less expensive than the competition.
  • has over 47 million users, driving unrivaled value for federal agencies and users accessing government services.
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Potential pilot use cases include:

  • Modernizing Access to and Consent for Disclosure of Records (OMB-M-21-04)
  • Improving Digital Interactions with the American Public (OMB-M-19-17)
  • Single Sign-on for citizen-facing applications

A Solution Trusted Across the Public Sector currently works with 27 states and several federal agencies including the Department of Treasury, Department of Veteran Affairs, Social Security Administration, and Department of Commerce.

“I selected for because their technology is unparalleled — they allow government agencies to quickly and easily adhere to NIST standards and drastically simply the verification process for citizens, allowing them to verify only once, and gain access to multiple sites.”

– Marina Martin, Former CTO, United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

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