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Customer Loyalty Through Group Discounts

By June 16, 2021June 28th, 2021Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

Using Emotion and Segmentation To Drive Customer Loyalty and ROI:

A Conversation with TrueCar, Verizon, and Under Armour

Hosted by:
Mark Lockwood
SVP, Commercial Sector,

Across 2021, marketing message volume is expected to increase by at least 40%, forcing brands to innovate in order to stand out from the pack and maintain loyalty. With emotion being the primary driver of brand loyalty, one tactic companies are beginning to integrate into their customer acquisition and loyalty strategy is the use of segmentation and affinity marketing – tapping into who a consumer is as a person (military, first responder, teacher, student, nurse, etc.) to appeal to their emotional drivers and create a lasting connection. Innovative brands are turning to group discount solutions, such as, to extend exclusive discounts and offers to members of certain affinity groups – and they’re seeing impressive results: 25% increase in target customer acquisition, 30-40% increase in average order value, and 300% ROI.

Watch our Industry Insights session to:

  • Hear directly from eCommerce experts at TrueCar, Verizon, and Under Armour that have integrated affinity marketing and group discounts into their customer acquisition and loyalty strategies
  • Discover the latest research and trends in the eCommerce and loyalty marketing space
  • Learn best practices for deploying your own affinity marketing program to acquire new customers and maintain them for life

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