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Supplement industry leader GNC partners with football personality Jay Glazer to give back to Veterans

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Supplement industry leader GNC, an partner, and Fox Sports Football Personality Jay Glazer have joined forces in an effort to help military veterans and former pro athletes adjust to a new life once the uniform comes off. From May 27 to July 4, GNC customers can round up their purchase or add up to $10 to donate to Merging Vets & Players, a support program founded by Glazer, with a 100% matching component from the GNC Live Well Foundation.  After July 4, customers can continue to round up their purchase to donate through the end of 2021. 

The partnership between Glazer and GNC extends further with the GNC-exclusive supplements, UNBREAKABLE PERFORMANCE®—named after Glazer’s elite performance center where he trains veterans and hosts MVP sessions. A portion of proceeds from sales of these high-quality, banned substance free products benefit MVP so that people can support our heroes in the armed services and pro sports when their service ends, while also supporting their own goals in the gym. 

Every donation directly supports the MVP program and the lives of its 1550 members (and growing), including operations in current cities (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta and Seattle), as well as weekly workout sessions, group discussions and robust peer support among members; likewise, contributions also go towards helping the program expand and bring its life-changing services to more cities nationwide. Over $416K (and counting) has been donated to MVP since December 2020 through GNC, with the goal of reaching $1 Million by the end of 2021. is proud to support this campaign through its Group Verification solution, which instantly verifies a customer’s military or veteran status on a business’ website or mobile app, facilitating a seamless experience for the customer while eliminating discount fraud. 

Click here to learn more about GNC’s exclusive discounts for Military, First Responders, Nurses, Medical Providers, Hospital Employees and Students.

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