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COVID-19 Vaccine Verification Solution from and Sterling

By March 2, 2021April 13th, 2021Partner Announcements

COVID-19 Vaccine Verification Solution from and Sterling QR code vaccine verification phone

Simple Solution to Reopen the Economy and Sterling have launched a COVID-19 vaccine verification solution that enables people to swiftly demonstrate proof of vaccination or test results. This easy-to-use verification method  will help reopen the economy as people can more confidently return to their workplaces, visit entertainment and hospitality venues, and use services like ridesharing and child care.

It is not just employers and venue management that want this verification. In a recent Sterling/ Harris Poll of those who have been vaccinated or plan to get vaccinated, 88% said they would feel more confident visiting a business or workplace if they knew the company required employees to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. 81% said they would feel more confident using a gig service (e.g., Uber, Instacart, if they knew the company required their freelancers to provide vaccination verification. 

The solution from and Sterling is simple for both these individuals and the businesses that want to attract them. An individual can share a QR code from their mobile phone or a printout before entering a workplace or venue. Someone at the door can scan the code with a mobile device to connect to a registry to view the vaccine or test status and identity verification.

Learn more about the and Sterling Vaccine Verification Solution

In the same Harris Poll*, nearly 9 in 10 (89%) say if a digital vaccine verification were available, it would be important for it to provide control over how and when their vaccination information was shared. The verification credential from and Sterling is always under the individual’s control. 

By adding this proof of vaccination or a test result to an individual’s digital wallet, and Sterling will simplify the return to in-person interactions.**  Businesses will be able to track which employees are ready to enter the workplace with the vaccine credential. Individuals can gain access to the places that matter to them. 

How Vaccine Verification Works will enable its members to share their vaccination status by linking their identity to a vaccine record from the Health Hub or directly adding a credential from their pharmacy’s website. As a backup, members can upload a valid vaccination document if they’ve been vaccinated at a location not covered by’s data sources. will start by offering three health credentials:  

  1. Proof of vaccination against COVID-19
  2. Proof of COVID-19 testing at an on-site testing location
  3. Proof of at-home test for COVID-19 exposure

Individuals will have full control over their medical data. Each person must give consent to opt into the credential, and they can choose the information they want shared and where it can be used. 

Once complete, employers, schools, and organizations can quickly verify an individual’s health status through the digital wallet. A quick QR code scan of a phone or printout will be sufficient for access. 

To ensure reliable data and security, references vaccinations against data collected by healthcare providers or on a centralized vaccination database. Only a registered provider will be able to update’s vaccination records.’s members are required to use multi-factor authentication and member data is protected with bank-grade security. 

Simplifying the Return to Work with Widespread Availability can quickly verify identities at scale, attach them to vaccine records, and make them available in secure digital wallets. The simplicity of using mobile phones or printouts, allows for widespread adoption and seamless everyday usage. 

By tying vaccination status to an identity, eliminates the clipboard problem – no more friction of repeated tests and manual updates to verify vaccination or testing status.  

With’s solution, businesses can simply ask for employees to provide an credential before returning to work or getting hired. Because of its simplicity, the credential can be integrated with a pre-existing onboarding process or ticketing system. This can be particularly useful for gig economy companies that need to rapidly onboard employees while also ensuring safety. 

Developed by Leaders in Identity Verification and Background Checks

With the digital credential and Sterling’s extensive experience in background checks and COVID-19 testing, employers can use’s Vaccine Verification to ensure a safe return to the workplace.’s vaccine verification solution is uniquely positioned to succeed due to the size of its identity network and its accessibility across the population. 

  • Already, over 36 million Americans have digital wallets and one million more are added every 15 days
  • Sterling serves 40,000 businesses including half of the Fortune 100, and provides COVID testing and Sterling are working together on further enhancing the digital wallet and making it more useful and accessible for the public. In the future, the and Sterling vaccine verification solution can be used for other healthcare records or vaccination campaigns.  


*This survey was conducted online within the United States by The Harris Poll on behalf of and Sterling from January 12-14, 2021 among 1,178 U.S. adults ages 18 and older who have gotten/plan to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

**With the digital credential and Sterling’s extensive experience in background checks and COVID-19 testing, employers can use’s Vaccine Verification to ensure a safe return to the workplace. vaccine passport vaccination confirmation