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Group Verification

By June 16, 2021June 21st, 2021Product Demo

Product Demo

Offer exclusive discounts online to drive customer acquisition and brand loyalty

As a way to drive customer acquisition and brand loyalty and give back to the community, brands are beginning to offer group discounts to members of certain affinity groups (military, first-responders, nurses, teachers).’s Group Verification technology is trusted by over 500 leading brands to instantly verify customer eligibility for group discounts directly at checkout on their website or mobile app. Our hyper-targeted customer acquisition platform also allows brands to reach 45 million+ users and present exclusive offers.

Watch this session for:

  • Insights and trends on affinity marketing and group discounts
  • A walkthrough of’s solution and an integration on an ecommerce website
  • Best practices to drive demand for your products through group discounts

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