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How Verizon & Sonny’s BBQ Give Back to Heroes While Building Customer Loyalty

By August 29, 2022April 14th, 2023Webinars

On-Demand Webinar

How Verizon & Sonny’s BBQ Give Back to Heroes While Building Customer Loyalty

Earning customer loyalty remains a top priority for brands, yet it can be one of the hardest-to-achieve goals.

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring loyalty experts from Verizon and Sonny’s BBQ to hear how they’ve developed programs with that give back to everyday heroes such as nurses, veterans, and teachers, while helping them reach new audiences and maintain lasting customer relationships.

You will learn:

  • The latest trends in B2C loyalty, including collection of zero-party data and value-based buying
  • Examples of successful campaigns launched by Sonny’s BBQ and Verizon
  • Results from these brands’ campaigns, as well as lessons learned and best practices


Dr. David M. Caruth
Head of Those Who Serve & Students Consumer Marketing, Verizon

Montana Coleman
Senior Manager, PR & Communications, Sonny’s BBQ

Spence Kinnier
Senior National Partner Executive,

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