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Customer Experience vs Fraud Research ReportWhite Paper
December 1, 2016

Customer Experience and Fraud Prevention

Forrester surveyed 2000 consumers and 300 business decision makers to understand their attitudes towards identity theft and fraud prevention.
Identity Biometric ImageWhite Paper
June 15, 2017

The Power of Identity for Marketers

Exclusive discounts allow retailers to target large, influential consumer affinity groups resulting in increased customer spend and retention.
Federated Identity for Government Agencies White PaperWhite Paper
May 24, 2019

Federated Identity for Government Agencies

Government agencies can take advantage of federated identity to drive account registration and increase access to digital services and benefits.
Credit History ReportWhite Paper
May 24, 2019

No Identity Left Behind

Video call-based identity proofing serves all demographics, including those that are often excluded from self-serve online identity verification processes. Blog Viewpoints


A Beginner’s Guide to the Marketing Platform

Join's network to access 22 million+ pre-verified customers and take your affinity group marketing to the next level.
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