Deaf User and Video Chat Agent Connect With ASL

This video chat agent started working at so she could employ her knowledge of American Sign Language to help the deaf community verify their identities. Hear the emotional story of how she helped one delighted user verify her identity.

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Compassionate Video Chat Agent Helps Woman Access Her Benefits

Hear the story of a live video chat agent, as he comforts and helps a woman trying to gain access to her needed benefits. Watch to learn why he enjoys being an video chat agent and why helping people is important to him.

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A Mother With COVID Receives Government Benefits For Her Children

A mother suffering from COVID-19 and needing access to the child tax credit was connected with an video chat agent who is also a mother. Listen in as the video chat agent relates to the mother and helps her gain access to her needed benefits.

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Streamlining Identity Verification in a Complex World

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High Assurance Identity Verification

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Digital Identity is Broken

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Digital Wallet for Identity

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Digital Identity and Inclusion Video

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November 18, 2021

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