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MANSCAPED Supports the Troops Beyond San Diego

By February 18, 2022April 14th, 2023Case Study


MANSCAPED Supports the Troops Beyond San Diego

Founded in 2016, MANSCAPED is the global leader in men’s grooming and hygiene below-the-waist. MANSCAPED is headquartered in San Diego, CA, home to one of the largest military populations in the United States.



Since MANSCAPED started, they’ve always supported the military through event sponsorships, by shipping products to deployed troops, and one-off partnerships. But the outreach felt siloed, and MANSCAPED wanted to offer discounts to the entire military, 24/365.

We wanted a consistent, ongoing partnership. Most partners only offered semi-annual opportunities, and it was so time consuming trying to find and sign individual vendors to give us a consistent rhythm of new contacts.

Jessica CarlsonPaid Media Manager at MANSCAPED


Unlike other discount partnerships, generates unique offer codes for each person who verifies.

And is the only federally certified Credential Service Provider in the United States of America, meeting the highest standards for the IRS, SSA, and 27 state governments for identity proofing.

MANSCAPED had confidence the discounts wouldn’t end up on coupon sites or be abused by non-military consumers. MANSCAPED also leveraged’s vast network of 69+ Million Americans to acquire new customers from’s ever-growing audience. They continue to promote their discounts in newsletters, dedicated emails, and in carousels on the Shop.

Because they can track individual code usage, MANSCAPED sent personalized reminders for military members who hadn’t redeemed their discount code. And for those who made a purchase, MANSCAPED sent further discounts and offers. Ultimately, they achieved a 25% CVR on these retargeting emails.

Because it’s so easy to track individual performance with, we can see repeat customers and lifetime value. And the audience are high value customers that consistently engage with our brand.

Jessica CarlsonPaid Media Manager at MANSCAPED


MANSCAPED saw immediate performance and quickly achieved a positive ROI – in their first dedicated military email, 90% of purchases were made by new users, and they saw a double digit CVR. They then rolled out similar discounts to first responders, nurses, teachers, students, and government employees, ultimately sending 131 emails with in 2021.

90% of purchases
were made by new users, and they saw a double digit CVR.

Sample Results:

Discount Code
Code Usage This Month
Military Discount
First Responder Discount
Medical Discount
Teacher Discount
Government Discount
Get Your Student Discount

Partnering with is just easy. It was the best route to consistently reach the military and I’ve never regretted that decision.

Jessica CarlsonPaid Media Manager at MANSCAPED
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