Message from CEO Blake Hall is experiencing a high volume of identity verification requests in relation to unemployment benefits claims across multiple states. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, additional wait times, or difficulties you may be experiencing. We are working 24/7 with our customer support teams and our state workforce agency partners to ensure any issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Simultaneously, our security teams are working aggressively to defend against cyber attacks from bad actors across the globe who are seeking to defraud both individuals and states. We have blocked five major attacks to take down our service and stopped more than 2.3 billion malicious events targeting our service in December alone. We apologize that legitimate claimants using our system are having longer than normal wait times due to the influx of claims we are carefully vetting for fraud. We ask you to please bear with us during this time.

Please know that we are deeply empathetic to the plight of the families for whom this aid is intended. My team and I are working around the clock to get as many of them through the process as possible. We are sorry for the long video chat wait times and frustrating experience.

  • We also want to clarify that video chat is not required for most users, so please read the instructions carefully. More than 88% of verified users get through via’s fully automated process and do not need to enter a video chat.
  • About one third of all users who enter video chat upload improper documents. Please click this link to upload the correct documents to expedite your process.

If you are in an emergency situation, please contact Member Support.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Blake Hall