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By March 8, 2017April 14th, 2023News Raises $19M with its Vision of a Single Password for the Web

Single Password for the Web

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“The digital identity management company wants to use its distributed technology to turn the 100 or more passwords that plague the average American and allow them to use only one, whether it’s for banking, government benefits or for buying a shirt or hailing an Uber.”

Mar. 8, 2017
By Andy Medici, Washington Business Journal

ID. me

ID. me simplifies how individuals prove and share their identity online.’s next-generation identity platform meets the highest federal standards for online identity proofing and authentication, without compromising access for hard-to-identify groups.’s technology is used by almost 30MM individuals and 500 partners, including federal and state agencies, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, retailers, and nonprofits.