People Helping People

Real Stories of Impact from our Video Chat Team video chat agents help people verify their identity. Hear the story of an agent helping someone who had experienced a brain injury get access to needed benefits and services. 

People Helping People

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About Video Chat Agents live video chat agents, also known as “Trusted Referees,”  help people gain access to the benefits and services they need.

Live video chat agents are highly trained and available 24/7/365 to help people verify they are who they say they are. For individuals who do not have a presence in records, have technology challenges or who live overseas, this capability offers them the opportunity to prove their identity online. It is core to the company’s “No Identity Left Behind” commitment.

Once an individual is verified, they can use the login to prove their verified status to other government agencies. We are committed to permanently increasing equity, with a vision for America where all people have equitable access to their government services.

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